Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Illustration Friday - Magnify

Sure Sign of Old Age
My Illustration Friday submission this week is just a quick and dirty sketch in my moleskine.  School is now well underway and I just couldn't find time do do something more finished.  John left for India on Sunday and will be gone for a month, so Todd and I are holding down the fort by ourselves until he gets back.  I guess I am moderately co-dependent, because I was none too happy about the length of his stay on this trip.  But I do like to eat and make our house payment on time every month, so I feel guilty if I complain too much.  You would think having been married for 22 + years that I would be happy to get rid of him for a while. :)  I guess I must really love him, middle aged gut and all.


  1. What's John doing in India? What a shame you couldn't go as well.

  2. You are too harsh on yourself. You are much prettier than your sketch. I like the one under "about me", but it's not flattering either. You need to put a photo of yourself so people can see how pretty you really are! Do I have to send you one??????

  3. Oh Mom! I think I don't care so much whether or not I am perceived as pretty any more. I have spent enough time on that for one lifetime. I am more interested in being thoughtful and interesting, though I am not sure if I will ever be either of those things.


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