Who am I? Who I am!

 Mona Me-sa

My name is Sally Taylor.  I live in East Texas and teach high school art for Lindale ISD.  I am a wife and mother of three children.  My two daughters are Marines and my son is a high school sophomore.

I am a shameless spender of money - on things that make me happy like; art supplies, small farms, animals, books and occasionally travel.  I can be an intellectual snob, but I am terrible at math and only mediocre at spelling.  I am currently working on a Masters of Art in Art Education at Stephen F Austin State University.

What else is there to know ?  Below is a list that I will add to as I think of pertinent info about me.

1. I am a sucker for cute babies
2. I sing in the car (all the time)
3. I won my high school homecoming dance contest
4. I love Shakespeare
5. I am a closet Twilight fan
6. I hate to cook
7. I love to bake
8. I tend to kill plants, but not on purpose
9. I love my job (most days)
10. I think of myself as a neo-transcendentalist/hopeful agnostic/humanist...