Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Illustration Friday - Skinny or A Peace Crane Project Update

mixed media ATCs
Dancing Japanese Cranes

I came close to not getting this week done in time again.  The word "skinny" can be a touchy word especially for women.  So about 4:00 AM this morning I finally settled on doing a series of ATCs with some skinny birds that would also allow me to give an update on my origami peace crane project that I am spearheading at school.  We currently have about 588 cranes produced by students, teachers and a few community members at large.  We are a little over half way done with folding and I would like to have the installation hung by early December.  It seems a fitting theme for the upcoming holiday season.  If you would like to know more about this project you can see the entry on my blog at .   Oh and by the way, these cards are available for trade for comparable hand drawn or painted cards. Show me what cha got. :)


  1. Beautiful birds. What a great take on skinny. Wonderful ATCs!

  2. I really like the contrast between the grace of their black necks, and the awkwardness of their black legs. Fascinating birds. Fun pictures with great colors.

  3. What beautiful and elegant have really captured them!

  4. Very nice take on the theme. The loosely applied washes works well! Thanks for the useful links to your site!

  5. I really, really, like these, really!

  6. I love Japanese cranes- as one of the above commenters said, you have captured their "graceful awkwardness" perfectly.


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