Sunday, September 27, 2009

Ukulele Lessons

I had an impulse a couple of days ago and decided that I wanted to take up the ukulele.   It seemed like just the kind of quirky cool thing that I needed to do at this already over committed point in my life. :)  Did you know that you can learn how to play the ukulele on YouTube?  I bought a tenor sized ukulele yesterday and I already have about half a dozen chords down.  I can also play about 3 or 4 children's songs and "Eleanor Rigby" by the Beatles with only minor mistakes.  My mother took up the ukulele for a while when I was a kid.  Like all things, it must be genetic.  Next song on my list to learn is "I'm Your's" by Jason Mraz.


This is a picture of the usual state my studio work table is in.  I realized that the previous pictures I had put up were a tad misleading.  Here I have been working on Artist Trading Cards of some of the pears from my pear tree.  Our new (deaf) kitten Lola likes to be involved  in making art.  I'm not sure paint and white kittens are a safe combination, but she is too cute to shoo away.

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