Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Illustration Friday - Pioneer

The Railway Man

This is a little ATC I made today for a lady in Finland who collects cards related to steam trains and the men who work the railroads.  It got me to thinking about how the world was changed by these pioneers of travel and commerce.  Certainly here in the US we attribute the true opening of the West to the railroads.  It is a part of our elementary education.  I have been fascinated by trains, like most people, since childhood.   Cabooses were still in use when I was young, and we would always try to get the "caboose man" to blow his whistle for us as the train passed by.   I miss cabooses.  As a young adult I actually bought myself a miniature passenger train set that I still have some 20 years later.  Did I ever mention that I was something of a tomboy? :)


  1. Sally, this is a great drawing - I love the expression on the engineer's face and the "smokiness" of the whole piece, nicely done! I've never been too much into real trains, or models for that matter, but I really admire the hobby and what others have done with it. If you ever come east to the NJ area it would be worth your while to check out:

    We live almost three hours away and it was SO cool! Happy New Year, Susan

  2. Wonderful drawing! The color is very nice; it gives the piece a vintage look. I love trains also -- we go on the Texas State Railroad in Palestine at least once a year.

  3. Hi Sally! Nice illo and a great story, to match! Love the tomboy comment, and yes, I used to love miniature trains too, the old-fashioned, steam locomotive kind, not the silver bullets. But I love all things miniature, so there you go—

  4. Fantastic drawing Sally you are a very talented lady, great blog too!

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