Thursday, December 10, 2009

Illustration Friday - Crunchy

Monty Python's Crunchy Frog
colored pencil and gel pen
5.75 x 3.75 inches

OK, I really took it down to the wire this week, but it has been a crazy busy week.  This submission was inspired by a Monty Python scene that I am going to attempt to attach below.  I am not a huge Monty Python fan but I have been known to appreciate quirky British humor when I am so tired that I am no longer thinking straight.  That would be my general state this whole week.  Anyway, I hope you enjoy the illo and the link to the skit.

Not quite what I intended, but the link does work.


  1. I like the way you hid the crunchy frog in the middle of the heart-shaped chocolate box--very funny!

  2. Nice surprise, crunchy frog!
    Your work is beautiful.

    Sally, thank you so much.

  3. I like yours too. Great minds think alike. But I hadn't thought of letting the shape of the frog show through the chocolate! Nice job!

  4. Great image! Very clever, and great inspiration! A little different than those Harry Potter chocolate frogs ;)

  5. Nice weet drawing - colour pencils?


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