Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Welcome to my studio!

This is my current working space looking surprisingly clean and organized. It is amazing how fast I can fill up this big table with art supplies, sketches, books, and 3 days worth of mail that hasn't made it to the trash. My studio space was supposed to be an out building that is next to the house, but the wasps, humidity and tendency for it to be used as a storage facility finally drove me back into the house. This space was our kid's game room, but since Todd is the last podling still home, we moved his TV and video games into Kelly's old room, and I finally have my own space again.


  1. I want a studio like this! My current workspace is on my kitchen table, much to the shagrin of my husband! I love your IF entry!

  2. Thanks nessadee. I spent quite a lot of time working at my kitchen table too. Especially when my children were small. The important thing is just to find any space and any time at all to create. I really enjoy your collage work as well!

  3. What a great organized space. I am so glad you said it is not always this neat; my studio goes through stages from just franticly obsessively cleaned to a complete disaster where it is challenging just to walk to the desk! I find it hard to work at either end of the spectrum, but the middle when it is neat enough, but not to neat is when I am most comfortable. I found your blog through Illustration Fridays; I have just discovered it and am thinking I must take on this little challenge. I really liked your illustrations for strong and for caution. I shall have to go back now and see how to vote for strong. Wish me luck with my first illustration and with my very new blog at createdbykylie


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