Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Illustration Friday- Wrapped

"No Lulu! Bad Kitty!"
Click pic to make it bigger

This is illustration Friday submission #4. I felt a little rushed on this one, but I like the overall feel of the image. There are a lot of bright blue shadows on the TP that just got washed out in the scan.
Teachers are back at school this week getting ready for kiddos next Monday. It will only get busier as the school year gets going so I will have to figure out where this self-imposed assignment will fit in. Right now I am using the time that Todd is at Band practice to work on IF assignments, make artist trading cards and go to the gym. I am signed up for a series of illustrated cards based on a chimerical animal. Since I just did a project at art camp based on mixed up animals, I figured I would stick with the little Toucan/Lobster... "Toubster" that I already created. I will post the ATCs here when they are complete.


  1. What a clever idea! Love that face on that happy kitty. Kitty won't be happy for long when its owner discovers the mess... :)

  2. How many times did my cat do this? a gazillion!

  3. uuuuhh :)
    very nice


  4. Doh! That darn cat! Great idea!


  5. Vibrant colors and wonderful illustration!

  6. Yep, that looks about right. Nice job!

  7. oops. but the cat looks so happy. Sweet scene :)


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