Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Illustration Friday - Stir

Stir the stars with a silver spoon,
and say "goodnight" to the waning moon.
The Sandman sings in the willow tree,
Ta Loo Ra La, Ta Loo Ra Lee.

I almost gave up on developing an idea for this week's word.  It just wasn't inspiring me and everything I could come up with seemed cliche or trite.  I'm not sure if this is any different/better, but this little quatrain kept swimming around in my head, so I finally decided it was worth pursuing.  Who knows maybe it will develop into a full fledged poem some day.

I am including the initial rough sketch.  There are a few things about it that I actually prefer.  Also the scanner fails to pick up some of the pale color shifts and value changes that are in the actual color version. :(

Foreshortening can be an interesting challenge!


  1. Both your watercolour and pencil sketch are beautiful. I love your poem too.

  2. very cool illustration. great perspective.

  3. yes, foreshortening is the first thing I thought of when I saw your work. Well done! I like your watercolor use, too.

  4. Very nice. I like the interesting perspective.

  5. Love the poem. The illo is great too.

  6. Very unique idea for the topic. You definitely nailed the foreshortening. Nice work.


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