Thursday, July 8, 2010

Illustration Friday - Giant

Attack of the Giant River Otter

A small mining community in Northern Kentucky was attacked yesterday evening by a Giant Amazonian River Otter.  Mine workers fled the scene while animal control, fire, and police officers debated over the best way to capture the rouge animal.  The 150 foot long creature disappeared into the mountains before authorities could devise a plan.

Juvenal Giant River Otter Sighted in Barrow Alaska

This just in... What appears to be a young Giant Amazonian River Otter was sighted just hours ago in the still sleeping town of Barrow Alaska.  The animal downed power lines and damaged several buildings.  Authorities will not comment on the rash of recent attacks or the reason for the enormous increase in growth that is forcing these animals out of their usual rain-forest habitat.

I'm late this week, but had lots of fun with the word!


  1. Better late than never! Great solution to this week's prompt very fun and also scary. I lived in Kentucky for a few years (never trusted those otters) Great work! Thank you for commenting on my effort.

  2. Ha ha- Have you been watching "River Monsters?" ;o)

  3. Boy, that lady sure knows where to find trouble.


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