Saturday, July 10, 2010

Illustration Friday - Diary

scanned and digitally manipulated image
click it to big it!

Like many other IF participants, my blog and sketchbooks are my diaries.  They just focus very specifically on a need to communicate visually.  This scanner image was inspired/stolen from this week's Photojojo project.  If you aren't already familiar with Photojojo, it is a fantastically creative photography blog site.   I think I may try do do something like this with my high school kids early next school year.  Fun stuff!

PS: I realized that I improperly submitted this to my blog site rather than the blog post so I am resubmitting it.  I apologize if you are seeing it twice.


  1. This is very clever. At first you are drawn to the text, and all the surface items. Then you see the curls and the nose and eyes and you brain fills in what you are seeing. A great effect.

  2. Somehow I can relate to this? I agree with Missy's comments.

  3. This really turned out great! Nicely composed in its randomness! P.S. Did you submit this to the "Face Your Pockets" site? :o)


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