Saturday, June 12, 2010

Illustration Friday - Ripple

A Spoonful of Tragedy - A Louisiana Roseate Spoonbill
2.5 x 3.5
mixed media

The folks at Illustration Friday are doing something meaningful this week.  Penelope Dullaghan has chosen the word "ripple" for this weeks theme.  She is encouraging all participants to submit and donate an ATC sized sketch card to a special project that is  raising funds to help wildlife injured by the Deep Water Horizon, Gulf of Mexico oil spill.  This project is being organized by  Kelly Light at .  For a $10 donation you will be able to find this as well as many other original and digital artworks available.  This particular card will be sent directly from me to the purchaser when Kelly receives confirmation of a donation made to either the Institute for Marine Mammal Studies or  The International Bird Rescue Research Center .

I hope everyone who sees this blog will consider helping out by either making a donation or creating and submitting artwork to Kelly.  We all use oil.  We drive our cars, we heat our homes, we use tons of plastics and other petroleum products.  We are all responsible for this tragedy.  Perhaps this will be the thing that will help us finally decide to wean ourselves off of fossil fuels.  There are other clean options available, we just need to be willing to change.   True, it will be expensive.  It will be painful to those who need to find jobs in other industries.   But we will come to a point when we cannot afford the consequences of failure to change.  In the meantime, let's clean up this mess as best we can and save as much of our precious wildlife as is humanly possible.

By the way, the coastal marsh dwelling Roseate Spoonbill was just beginning to make a strong recovery from endangerment.  Most of this recovery was occurring in Louisiana....


  1. Like the pop this has. Has a very textured 3D vibe going on...

  2. When art elicit an emotional response it transcends mere paint and brush. It becomes a conversation, a memory, a statement

  3. Really beautiful! You have really captured what is happening in the Gulf in a lovely and captivating way.

  4. situation beautifully portrayed! love the colours, textures and emotion =)

  5. Hi Sally.. That's a great illo. I like the way you've captured the heaviness of the oil with the hope of water in the middle of the ripple. Very nice!

  6. This is a beautiful entry for Ripple and IF. I did not know about the bird's path to recovery...what a shame this whole oil catastrophe is.
    I was happy to participate and thrilled to be able to help, even in a small way!

  7. This week's topic is making many illustrators make more of their illustration. Shame it's for such a traumatic reason. Alas the true environmental cost of the disaster will never be matched by money. No matter how much.

  8. Sally - how wonderful your illustrations are. This is such a great piece for the cause. I'm enjoying the way you've illustrated the oil on it's bill..though hate that you had to do so, as this is such a sad situation.

  9. Powerful image. Sad, though :(


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