Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Illustration Friday - Confined

Hell hath no fury like a confined fairy.
watercolor and pen
click illustration to enlarge

A pretty straightforward interpretation this week.  This little guy is as mad as a hornet.  I hate to think of the curses and plots for revenge that he is cooking up for his captor.  I have never viewed fairies as sweet delightful little creatures.  They have always been more mischievous and tricksy in my imagination.  Perhaps we should offer him some honey as a gesture of friendship and set him free in the clover patch before he explodes.


  1. The jar is beautifully done. Maybe he needs a girl fairy to keep him company! Are you familiar with "Photographing Fairies"? Both the book and movie are excellent.

  2. Sally!

    I love your little fairy! The jar is awesome too...I wish that I had seen it before I finished my 'confined mermaid,' then I would have been able to put her in a fish bowl by using your wonderful method of rendering glass as an example! :)

    Btw, thanks for your kind comment at the blog.


  3. Hello,
    Really nice work you have here!

    It´s with a great pleasure that i invite you to visit my art work on my new website:


    Regards and thank you!

    Rui Sousa

  4. Wouldn't want to open that jar to close! Great work on the Jar. Well done illustration :D
    And, thanks for the nice comment you left. I just had to see what you came up with.

  5. Lovely little watercolor, I like your view of a fairy as a less delicate creature, this little guy looks like he could do some damage!

  6. Great work with watercolors here. I'm very impressed. I really dig all the work you have posted here. Thank you for posting it and also for checking out and commenting on my work.

  7. Sally, somehow I missed this one - glad I checked, he's so cool, love his expression and wings - Yes bring on the honey quick!

  8. Brilliant... wow you jar is so lovely. Great job. Now let the fairy out because I worry this won't end well for you ;)


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