Monday, October 25, 2010

Marfa/Marshall Photography Exhibit

Our little one day photography show at the Lindale Library was both a pleasant day and a palpable success.   Somewhere around 50 people visited the exhibit during a 6 hour period.  In addition to being an opportunity to exhibit our own photographs in a public setting,  Mr James and I were able to talk to the public about our goals and efforts for further developing our art program at the high school.  I couldn't have wished for a nicer day.

Below are the photographs which were included for my half of the exhibit.  All of these photographs were taken in and around the town of Marshall, Texas over the course of a few weekends in September and early October.

 These first two are of the old barn on my family's farm

 These three are of the old burned out Sam Houston School

 From a neighborhood in town

 The side of the Texas and Pacific engine in front of the railroad station.

 Madonna in the parking lot of the Catholic church

Waiting on the side tracks

The images below are photographs which didn't end up in the show but which I think give an additional feel for the historic town of Marshall.  I hope you enjoy my small photographic tribute to a town near to my heart.  Click on any photograph to enlarge it.

According to my father, the name of the shrub growing here in the corner of the old ice house is "Piss Ellum".  Apparently it reeks of pee when you burn it.  The morning sun made it look like it was on fire, but luckily there is no smell associated with morning sunlight. :)


  1. I know I was supposed to think "Marshall" but I thought The Beatles, instead. "Lady Madonna, children at your feet . . ." Nice work, Sally.

  2. Thanks for sharing these beautiful photographs of the scenes around your town. Through the interesting angles and perspectives of your artistic eyes, you took me on a quick, virtual trip of Texas! I loved the rail pics and the images of the old buildings, especially the weathered textures and vine covered structures. They're all gorgeous! It sounds like the day was a good one, all around! :o)


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