Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Illustration Friday - Fearless

Who's the Boss

I have a new border collie puppy named Lucy who likes to try to herd the cats.  Unfortunately for Lucy, my cats know better than to cede power to a mere juvenal delenquent of a dog.  Lucy tries to be brave, but it is a battle she cannot win. I just hope she exhibits the same fearlessness when it is time for her to meet the sheep.  Her bravery will be particularly important with the ram that tries to run me down every time I enter the pasture.  She is a smart pup and I have high hopes for her herding instinct and bravery.

Lucy at 13 weeks


  1. You have to be fearless to deal with cats!

  2. Sally, you are so talented. I love to see your work. The puppy is so cute. Email me and tell me where you got her. I want one too. Tom

  3. Sally, that's an adorable dog. If she can rangle cats then sheep are not problem. Thanks for your nice comment. Slowly I am pushing forward.

  4. Oh... he is so adorable and so cute. He is great


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