Thursday, April 1, 2010

Illustration Friday - Rescue

Colored Pencil
APC 4 x 6 inches

An eleventh hour submission from me this week.  The rigors of being everything to everyone has left me a little more than overwhelmed and I only just finished this quick cat portrait.  Todd and I literally rescued her out of the middle of the road on a cold, dark, and stormy night back in late February. This beautiful Himalayan mix kitty is obviously someone's house cat because she doesn't have a clue about roads or strangers or cars or anything out of doors.   We tried for several weeks to find her owners, but so far no one seems to be missing her.  She loves people and doesn't mind dogs, but she is not terribly friendly with our other cats.  As beautiful as she is, I would like to find her a home if we can't find her original owners.  She would be happier as an only cat.  If you live in East Texas and want to adopt a cat, email me.


  1. Beautiful illustration. I wish I lived in East Texas

  2. Beautiful illustration! Check with the local vets. Sometimes people call them if they are missing their pet. Good luck finding the sweetie a home!


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